Dovhaniuk I. Ya., Zamoroka A. M.
The longhorn beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) of National Park «Kremenetski Hory» // Proc. of the State Nat. Hist. Mus. - Lviv, 2020. - 36. - P. 129-140.
DOI: Key words: Cerambycidae, Kremenetski Hory, Western Podillya The fauna of the longhorn beetles of ecoregion of Kremenetski Hory and the eponymous National Park was studied very poorly. In the most recent catalogue of Cerambycidae of Western Podillya it was listed only 13 species for the ecoregion. Including other sources, to date, it was known 17 species of the longhorn beetles. In the current study we identified 59 species of the longhorn beetles, 42 of which are reported for the first time for National Park «Kremenetski Hory» and the ecoregion in general. Under our proposed prediction the Cerambycidae species richness should reach 100-120 species. We also presented result of quantitative study of the longhorn beetles within different types of ecosystems of National Park «Kremenetski Hory». We revealed that 10 species are the most abundant on the studied territory.  
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