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Published: 10.11.2018

Issue 35 /2019
Until the 60th Anniversary of Proff. P.S. P.S. Hnativa

Kaprus I.Ya., Klymyshyn O.S., Malynovskyi A.K., Tretiak P.R., Chernobai Yu.M.
Current issues
About the activity of the State Museum of Natural History of the NAS of Ukraine in 2018

Serediuk H.V.
VII International Conference on Black Stork Ciconia nigra (Donyana National Park, Spain)

Bokotei A.A., Dziubenko N.V.
ХІІІ Lviv Entomological School "Actual Problems of Studying the Entomofauna of Volyn Polissya" (June 7-9, 2019)

Serediuk H.V., Konovalova I.B.
Museum of Natural History: from the theory of the evolution of life to the practice of a living museum. Project results 2013-2015, 2017-2019

Dziubenko N.V.
"Ice Age School: Educational Museum Program for Children with Disabilities" is a program of inclusion in the exposition of DPM NAS of Ukraine

Savytska A.H.

Proceedings of the State Natural History Museum

"Proceedings of the State Natural History Museum" continues the tradition of the museum's first periodical scientific publication - "Rozprawy i wіadomosci z Muzeum im. Dzieduszyckich" and previous issues "Proceedings of the State Natural History Museum", 10 volumes were published between 1951 and 1962.

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In "Proceedings of the State Natural History Museum" articles from the scientific direction "biological sciences" in specialized scientific disciplines - general and natural museology, ecology, botany, zoology, paleontology, soil science, nature conservation are published. Announcements of research results, as well as materials on museum activity, are published under "Short messages", "Notes", "New taxa", "Research methodology", "History of science", "Anniversary dates", "Losses of science", "Chronicle".

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